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why do girls go to the bar naked? we do live in the same place right? this is edmonton right? you have to be dumb, right?

i promised myself i wouldn’t let it hurt me to see you go back to the old you.

im very strongly opinionated. does that mean i necessarily always voice those opinions? no. the way you talk, portrays the person you are. don’t talk as if you’re of great importance. leave people with a breath of fresh air, not a tacky ego.

waaaah waaaah cry me a fucking river, ain’t that a bitch.

i honestly just feel bad for these girls who are so full of hate and have their claws out all the damn time. another women is my sister, not my competition. the plan is we both make it. how do you even have time to have all those opinions about people? opinions of the same trials every human at least once will go through.. you look silly and contradicting. kind is a much better look, especially at almost 20 years old. grow up ladies.

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